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Tags 870

A 67

Abandoned Children Ability Steal Absent Parents Abusive Characters Academy Accelerated Growth Acting Action Adapted To Drama Adapted To Manhwa Adapted To Movie Adapted To Visual Novel Adapted to Anime Adapted to Drama CD Adapted to Game Adapted to Manga Adapted to Manhua Adopted Children Adopted Protagonist Adultery Adventurers Affair Age Progression Age Regression Aggressive Characters Alchemy Aliens All-Girls School Alternate World Amnesia Amusement Park An*l Anal Ancient China Ancient Times Androgynous Characters Androids Angels Animal Characteristics Animal Rearing Anti-Magic Anti-social Protagonist Antihero Protagonist Antique Shop Apartment Life Apathetic Protagonist Apocalypse Appearance Changes Appearance Different from Actual Age Archery Aristocracy Arms Dealers Army Army Building Arranged Marriage Arrogant Characters Artifact Crafting Artifacts Artificial Intelligence Artists Assassins Astrologers Autism Automatons Average-looking Protagonist Award-winning Work Awkward Protagonist

B 39

C 68

C*nnilingus Calm Protagonist Cannibalism Card Games Carefree Protagonist Caring Protagonist Cautious Protagonist Celebrities Character Growth Charismatic Protagonist Charming Protagonist Chat Rooms Cheat Cheats Chefs Child Abuse Child Protagonist Childcare Childhood Friends Childhood Love Childhood Promise Childish Protagonist Chuunibyou Clan Building Clever Protagonist Clingy Lover Clones Clubs Clumsy Love Interests Co-Workers Cohabitation Cold Love Interests Cold Protagonist Collection of Short Stories College/university Coma Comedic Undertone Comedy Coming of Age Complex Family Relationships Conditional Power Confident Protagonist Confinement Conflicting Loyalties Contracts Cooking Corruption Cosmic Wars Cosplay Couple Growth Court Official Cousins Cowardly Protagonist Crafting Crime Criminals Cross-dressing Crossover Cruel Characters Cryostasis Cultivation Cunnilingus Cunning Protagonist Curious Protagonist Curses Cute Children Cute Protagonist Cute Story

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E 31

F 47

G 28

H 36

I 16

J 5

K 8

L 30

M 70

M*sturbation MMORPG Magic Magic Beasts Magic Formations Magical Girls Magical Space Magical Technology Maids Male Protagonist Male Yandere Male to Female Management Mangaka Manipulative Characters Manly Gay Couple Marriage Marriage of Convenience Martial Spirits Martial arts Marvel Masochistic Characters Master-Disciple Relationship Master-Servant Relationship Masturbation Matriarchy Mature Protagonist Medical Knowledge Medieval Mercenaries Merchants Military Mind Break Mind Control Misandry Mismatched Couple Misty South Misunderstandings Mob Protagonist Models Modern Modern Day Modern Knowledge Modern World Money Grubber Monster Girls Monster Society Monster Tamer Monsters Movies Mpreg Multiple Identities Multiple Personalities Multiple Pov Multiple Protagonists Multiple Realms Multiple Reincarnated Individuals Multiple Timelines Multiple Transported Individuals Murders Music Mutated Creatures Mutations Mute Character Mysterious Family Background Mysterious Illness Mysterious Past Mystery Solving Mythical Beasts Mythology

N 19

O 19

P 61

Pacifist Protagonist Paizuri Parallel Worlds Parasites Parent Complex Parody Part-Time Job Past Plays a Big Role Past Trauma Persistent Love Interests Personality Changes Perverted Protagonist Pets Pharmacist Philosophical Phoenixes Photography Pill Based Cultivation Pill Concocting Pilots Pirates Playboys Playful Protagonist Poetry Poisons Police Polite Protagonist Politics Polyandry Polygamy Poor Protagonist Poor To Rich Popular Love Interests Portal Fantasy Possession Possessive Characters Post-apocalyptic Power Couple Power Struggle Powers Pragmatic Protagonist Precognition Pregnancy Pretend Lovers Previous Life Talent Priestesses Priests Prison Proactive Protagonist Programmer Prophecies Prostit**es Prostitutes Protagonist Falls in Love First Protagonist Loyal to Love Interest Protagonist Strong from the Start Protagonist With Multiple Bodies Psychic Psychic Powers Psychopaths Puppeteers

Q 2

R 36

S 117

S*ave Harem S*ave Protagonist S*aves S*x Friends S*x S*aves S*xual Abuse S*xual Cultivation Technique Sadistic Characters Saints Salaryman Samurai Saving the World Schemes And Conspiracies Scheming Schizophrenia Scientists Sculptors Sealed Power Second Chance Secret Crush Secret Identity Secret Organizations Secret Relationship Secretive Protagonist Secrets Sect Development Sects Seduction Selfish Protagonist Selfless Protagonist Seme Protagonist Senpai-Kouhai Relationship Sentient Objects Sentimental Protagonist Serial Killers Servants Seven Deadly Sins Seven Virtues Sexual Abuse Sexual Cultivation Technique Shameless Protagonist Shapeshifters Sharing A Body Sharp-tongued Characters Shield User Shikigami Short Story Shota Shotacon Shoujo-Ai Subplot Shounen-Ai Subplot Showbiz Shy Characters Sibling Rivalry Siblings Siblings Not Related By Blood Sickly Characters Sign Language Singers Single Parent Sister Complex Skill Assimilation Skill Books Skill Creation Skyrim Slave Harem Slaves Sleeping Slow Cultivation Slow Growth At Start Slow Romance Smart Couple Social Outcasts Soft Sci-fi Soldiers Soul Power Souls Space Spaceship Spatial Manipulation Spear Wielder Special Abilitie Special Abilities Spies Spirit Advisor Spirit Users Spirits Stalkers Steampunk Stockholm Syndrome Stoic Characters Store Owner Straight Uke Strategic Battles Strategist Strength-based Social Hierarchy Strong Love Interests Strong To Stronger Strong from the Start Stubborn Protagonist Student Council Student-Teacher Relationship Succubus Sudden Strength Gain Sudden Wealth Suicides Summoned Hero Summoning Magic Super Heroes Superpowers Survival Survival Game Sword And Magic Sword Wielder Swordsman System System Administrator

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V 6

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