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Outdoor Webcast (Web Novel)

Outdoor Webcast

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In a dilapidated temple, a young man receives an outdoor webcast system, and thus, his webcast journey begins. He easily finds lingzhi worth thousands of dollars, keeps a falcon as his pet, and displays skills that leave his audience in awe. When he turns his head around, he discovers that the whole world is watching him.

When he joins a show, everyone asks, "Is this webcaster cultivating to be a deity?"

Someone exclaims, "This isn't an adventure, this is a vacation!"

A reporter asks him, "Your fans claim that you know martial arts. Is that true?"

He answers, "Not true."

Yet, in the next moment, when a little red bird flies past him, he takes a leap from a tall platform before jumping down…

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03 days 11h 57m 41s. (83 hours) • 638 • 2022-12-07 18:00:00

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