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Father of Monstrosity (Web Novel)

Father of Monstrosity

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Jakob was only seven when he was summoned to Helmsgarten’s sewers by the Fleshcrafter calling himself Grandfather. For seven painful years, Jakob studied the depraved craft of his monstruous mentor, before being let loose on the populace of the metropolis.

With the vague task of creating the ultimate being to rival the greatest creation of Grandfather, he is left with nothing but the flesh-stitched robes on his body and the loyal wight Heskel. Together, the pair explore a civilisation that is utterly alien to them, as they were both raised in the dark and damp of the city’s underbelly.

Along his journey, Jakob constructs many monsters and constructs, while dodging the noose of the guards and the Kingdom’s justice. He cavorts with demons and their spawn, joins the Adventurers’ Guild in his voracious hunt for knowledge, fights nightmares of his own creation, and parleys with Demon Lords and Great Ones.

Many who believe him a weak child suffer eternally for their arrogance. Even the Kingdom, with its inexhaustible wealth and power, rues the day it chose to cross the Fleshcrafter Boy and interfere with his great undertaking.

And in the end, even Grandfather must face the realisation that his creation is greater than he could ever have imagined.

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