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Dreamer's Throne (Web Novel)

Dreamer's Throne

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It doesn’t matter how terrifying dreams get, so long as they stay dreams.

When Garrett comes to after a close brush with death, he realizes that he’s in a new world, and worse, he’s missing an arm and paralyzed from the waist down. A fact that doesn’t deter the brutal gang lord whose floor he’s crashing on from wanting to throw him out into the street. The only thing standing between Garret and a cold death at the mercy of the city’s scavengers is a plucky young woman, and his own wits.

Armed with a system that gives him experience for exploring the new world he is in, Garrett is determined to do whatever it takes to keep himself safe from the threats that press in all around him. Even if it means becoming a villain.

But the inn and city are far from what they seem. Terrifying creatures lurk around every corner, waiting to prey on the unwary, and there is no weapon that can stop them. A strange lucid Dream world hovers on the edge of Garrett's consciousness, and it isn’t content to stay a dream. When it starts bleeding into the real world, Garret realizes that the hostile gangs around him are the least of his worries.

A new Fantasy LitRPG Series by Seth Ring, bestselling author of Nova Terra and Battle Mage Farmer.

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00 days 22h 16m 34s. (22 hours) • 639 • 2023-10-22 10:00:00

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