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List Novels (Xuanhuan) 233 Results
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# Novel Type Year Chapters
1108 Maidens of DestinyWeb NovelN/A1562/?
2A Sorcerer’s JourneyWeb Novel20141286/?
3Absolute ChoiceWeb Novel20161210/?
4Absolute Great TeacherWeb NovelN/A2541/?
5Adorable Treasured Fox: Divine Doctor Mother Overturning The Heavens!Web Novel20174014/?
6Against the GodsWeb Novel20143876/?
7Age of AdeptsWeb Novel20163026/?
8Alchemy Emperor of the Divine DaoWeb Novel20154761/?
9Almighty Sword DomainWeb Novel20154008/?
10Am I A God?Web Novel20172250/?
11Ancient Godly MonarchWeb Novel20154106/?
12Ancient Strengthening TechniqueWeb Novel20124984/?
13Archean Eon ArtWeb Novel20191532/?
14Assassin’s ChronicleWeb Novel20071160/?
15Astral Pet StoreWeb NovelN/A2456/?
16Badge in AzureWeb Novel20093110/?
17Ballad of Ten Thousand GuWeb NovelN/A10/?
18Bank of The UniverseWeb NovelN/A1240/?
19Battle FrenzyWeb Novel20162456/?
20Battle Through the HeavensWeb Novel20093298/?
21Battling Records of the Chosen OneWeb Novel2016630/?
22Beastmaster of the AgesWeb Novel20192805/?
23Beauty and the BodyguardWeb Novel20113750/?
24Bewitching Prince Spoils His Wife: Genius Doctor Unscrupulous ConsortWeb Novel20151616/?
25Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait PleaseWeb NovelN/A2152/?
26Black Tech Internet Cafe SystemWeb Novel20171888/?
27Carefree Path of DreamsWeb Novel20172366/?
28Chaotic Sword GodWeb Novel20106456/?
29Chronicles of Primordial WarsWeb Novel20151694/?
30City of SinWeb Novel20112872/?
31Close Combat MageWeb Novel2012914/?
32Coiling DragonWeb Novel20081612/?
33Commanding Wind and CloudWeb Novel20101304/?
34Complete Martial Arts AttributesWeb Novel20191599/?
35Crazy Leveling SystemWeb Novel20161560/?
36Cthulhu GonfalonWeb Novel20151976/?
37Custom Made Demon KingWeb NovelN/A978/?
38Dark Blood AgeWeb Novel20101600/?
39Defiant Martial GodWeb NovelN/A298/?
40Demon Emperor’s Defiant LoveWeb Novel20171146/?
41Destroyer of Ice and FireWeb Novel20131406/?
42Devil’s Son-in-LawWeb Novel20141785/?
43Divine BrillianceWeb Novel20122456/?
44Divine Throne of Primordial BloodWeb Novel20162316/?
45Dominating Sword ImmortalWeb Novel20131826/?
46Douluo DaluWeb Novel2008674/?
47Douluo Dalu: Legend of the Divine RealmWeb Novel2015190/?
48Dragon Emperor, Martial GodWeb Novel20121492/?
49Dragon King’s Son-In-LawWeb Novel20101580/?
50Dragon Prince YuanWeb Novel20173006/?
51Dragon-Marked War GodWeb Novel20146079/?
52Dual CultivationWeb Novel20192057/?
53Emperor’s DominationWeb Novel20148846/?
54Enchantress Amongst Alchemists: Ghost King’s WifeWeb Novel20132390/?
55Everybody is Kung Fu Fighting, While I Started a FarmWeb NovelN/A1200/?
56Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young MissWeb Novel20161866/?
57Fantasy SimulatorWeb NovelN/A1278/?
58Fey Evolution MerchantWeb NovelN/A2361/?
59Fishing the Myriad HeavensWeb Novel20161282/?
60Forbidden LoveWeb NovelN/A20/?
61Galactic Dark NetWeb Novel2015940/?
62Galactic Garbage StationWeb Novel20161813/?
63Gate of RevelationWeb Novel20151616/?
64Genius Daddy in the CityWeb NovelN/A2238/?
65Genius Doctor: Black Belly MissWeb Novel20156246/?
66Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest MissWeb Novel20164524/?
67God EmperorWeb Novel20154776/?
68God Level DemonWeb Novel2016265/?
69God Of SlaughterWeb Novel20113236/?
70God and Devil WorldWeb Novel20132432/?
71God of IllusionsWeb Novel20182095/?
72Godly Empress DoctorWeb Novel20175248/?
73Godly Model CreatorWeb Novel20132172/?
74Godly Stay-Home DadWeb Novel20172473/?
75Gourmet of Another WorldWeb Novel20163702/?
76Great Demon KingWeb Novel20082056/?
77Hail the KingWeb Novel20113270/?
78Heavenly Jewel ChangeWeb Novel20111806/?
79Heaven’s DevourerWeb Novel20153658/?
80History’s Number 1 FounderWeb Novel20142972/?
81History’s Strongest Senior BrotherWeb Novel20163482/?
82I Am A Legendary BOSSWeb Novel2019706/?
83I Am SupremeWeb Novel20172184/?
84I Cultivate PassivelyWeb Novel2021Completed(628)
85I Found A PlanetWeb Novel2018986/?
86I Have Countless Legendary Swords!Web Novel20191612/?
87I Have a Manor in the Post-apocalyptic EraWeb NovelN/A630/?
88I Might Be A Fake CultivatorWeb NovelN/A4756/?
89Immortal Path to HeavenWeb Novel20162720/?
90Immortal and Martial Dual CultivationWeb Novel20084762/?
91Imperial God EmperorWeb Novel20152740/?
92In Different World with Naruto SystemWeb NovelN/A766/?
93Infinite BloodcoreWeb Novel2020424/?
94Insanely Pampered Wife: Divine Doctor Fifth Young MissWeb Novel20154434/?
95InvincibleWeb NovelN/A5932/?
96Invincible Divine Dragon’s Cultivation SystemWeb NovelN/A1343/?
97I’ll Add Points To All ThingsWeb NovelN/A1890/?
98Keyboard ImmortalWeb Novel20202240/?
99King of GodsWeb Novel20143170/?
100Lady Lin’s First-ever Journey to ImmortalityWeb Novel20191126/?
101Law of the DevilWeb Novel20091146/?
102Legend of SwordsmanWeb Novel20167128/?
103Legend of the AsuraWeb Novel2012139/742
104Legend of the Mythological GenesWeb Novel20191040/?
105Let Me Game in PeaceWeb Novel20193323/?
106Library of Heaven’s PathWeb Novel20164536/?
107Limitless Sword GodWeb NovelN/A3138/?
108Long Live Summons!Web Novel20102057/?
109Lord Xue YingWeb Novel20152776/?
110Lord of All RealmsWeb Novel20163646/?
111Magic Chef of Ice and FireWeb Novel2006342/?
112Magic Industry EmpireWeb Novel20142351/?
113Martial Arts MasterWeb Novel20161506/?
114Martial God AsuraWeb Novel201310283/?
115Martial God SpaceWeb Novel20121902/?
116Martial PeakWeb Novel20136681/?
117Martial WorldWeb Novel20124550/?
118Masked KnightWeb Novel2005676/?
119Mechanical God EmperorWeb Novel20152605/?
120Mesmerizing Ghost DoctorWeb Novel20165229/?
121Miracle Doctor, Abandoned Daughter: The Sly Emperor’s Wild Beast-Tamer EmpressWeb Novel20151328/?
122Miracle ThroneWeb Novel20151316/?
123Monster ParadiseWeb Novel20173728/?
124My Cold and Elegant CEO WifeWeb Novel20165024/?
125My Crown Prince Consort Is a FirecrackerWeb Novel20173719/?
126My Dad Is the Galaxy’s Prince CharmingWeb Novel2017396/?
127My Disciples Are All VillainsWeb Novel20193204/?
128My Fury Will Burn The HeavensWeb Novel20163450/?
129My Sassy ‘Crown Princess’Web NovelN/A2024/?
130My Wife is a Beautiful CEOWeb Novel20113160/?
131Nightmare’s CallWeb Novel20191172/?
132Nine Heavenly Star ArtWeb Novel2013760/?
133Nine Star Hegemon Body ArtWeb Novel20155673/?
134Otherworldly Evil MonarchWeb Novel20102554/?
135Overgod AscensionWeb Novel2017114/?
136Paradise of Demonic GodsWeb Novel20162322/?
137Path to HeavenWeb Novel2011638/?
138Peerless Battle SpiritWeb Novel20154635/?
139Peerless ValkyrieWeb Novel20125000/?
140Perfect WorldWeb Novel20134034/?
141Pocket Hunting DimensionWeb NovelN/A2662/?
142Poisoning the World: The Secret Service Mysterious Doctor is a Young Beastly WifeWeb Novel20151088/?
143President, Our Egg Is LostWeb Novel2018138/?
144Realms In The FirmamentWeb Novel20143928/1995
145Rebirth of the Strongest Female EmperorWeb Novel20175273/?
146Red Envelope Group of the Three RealmsWeb Novel20163668/?
147Red Packet ServerWeb Novel20163385/?
148Returning from the Immortal WorldWeb Novel20162890/?
149Rise of HumanityWeb Novel20152366/?
150Sage MonarchWeb Novel20113202/?
151Seized by the SystemWeb Novel20172332/?
152Seven Unfortunate Lifetimes, All Thanks to a Single Moment of ImpulseWeb Novel2014110/?
153Shadow HackWeb Novel20171978/?
154Shen Yin Wang ZuoWeb Novel20111744/?
155Shocking Venomous Consort: Frivolous MissWeb NovelN/A2376/?
156Shoujo Grand SummoningWeb Novel20152501/?
157Silent CrownWeb Novel20151624/?
158Soaring of GalaxiaWeb Novel20101874/?
159Soul of NegaryWeb Novel2018950/?
160Sovereign of the Three RealmsWeb Novel20144752/?
161Spirit RealmWeb Novel20143680/?
162Star Martial God TechniqueWeb Novel201684/?
163Starting With Contract PetsWeb Novel2000Completed(375)
164Stunning EdgeWeb Novel2010664/?
165Super God GeneWeb Novel20166924/?
166Supreme Emperor of SwordsWeb Novel20141938/?
167Swallowed StarWeb Novel20102972/?
168Sword God in a World of MagicWeb Novel2022358/300
169Tales of Demons and GodsWeb Novel2015992/?
170Tales of Herding GodsWeb Novel20172457/?
171Talisman EmperorWeb Novel20084502/?
172Tempest of the BattlefieldWeb Novel20101356/?
173Tempest of the Stellar WarWeb Novel20132884/?
174The Anarchic ConsortWeb Novel20152752/?
175The Avalon of Five ElementsWeb Novel20151430/?
176The Brilliant Fighting MasterWeb Novel20163460/?
177The Charm of Soul PetsWeb Novel20133644/?
178The Devilish ImmortalWeb Novel2019740/?
179The Devil’s CageWeb Novel20163708/?
180The Divine Martial StarsWeb Novel20171672/?
181The Divine Nine-Dragon CauldronWeb Novel20142900/?
182The Empress’s GigoloWeb Novel20171900/?
183The Favored Son of HeavenWeb NovelN/A1216/?
184The Good for Nothing Seventh Young LadyWeb Novel20135518/?
185The Great Genetic EraWeb Novel2020272/600
186The Great RulerWeb Novel20133120/?
187The Human EmperorWeb Novel20164932/?
188The Invincible Dragon EmperorWeb Novel20162590/?
189The King of Hell’s Genius Pampered WifeWeb NovelN/A2316/?
190The King of The WorldsWeb Novel2018727/?
191The Legend of FutianWeb Novel20185659/?
192The Legend of the Dragon KingWeb Novel20153966/?
193The Legendary Master’s WifeWeb Novel20131462/?
194The Lord’s EmpireWeb Novel20173456/?
195The Magus EraWeb Novel20153804/?
196The Martial Emperor with Dragon BloodWeb Novel20141536/?
197The Mightiest Little PeasantWeb NovelN/A2698/?
198The Oracle PathsWeb Novel2020753/800
199The Path Toward HeavenWeb Novel20171680/?
200The Reincarnated Goddess is FierceWeb NovelN/A2185/?
201The Sacred RuinsWeb Novel20161646/?
202The Sage Who Transcended SamsaraWeb Novel20162408/?
203The Strongest Dan GodWeb Novel20141202/?
204The Strongest GeneWeb Novel20171760/?
205The Strongest SystemWeb Novel20162318/?
206The Supreme Lord DonghuangWeb NovelN/A654/?
207The Two-Faced Venerate EmperorWeb Novel20162452/?
208The Venerable SwordsmanWeb Novel20191440/?
209Throne of Magical ArcanaWeb Novel20131820/?
210Trafford’s Trading ClubWeb Novel20161896/?
211Transcending the Nine HeavensWeb Novel20112966/?
212Transmigration with QQ FarmWeb Novel20141194/?
213True Martial WorldWeb Novel20153419/?
214Ultimate FightingWeb Novel20181417/?
215Undefeated God of WarWeb Novel20151890/?
216Unprecedented Pill Refiner: Entitled Ninth Young LadyWeb Novel20162568/?
217Unrivaled Medicine GodWeb Novel20155864/?
218Unrivaled Tang SectWeb Novel20123470/?
219Upgrade Specialist in Another WorldWeb Novel20112714/?
220Venerated Venomous ConsortWeb Novel20176136/?
221Versatile MageWeb Novel20155372/?
222War Sovereign Soaring The HeavensWeb Novel20147669/?
223Warlock of the Magus WorldWeb Novel20152400/?
224Warrior’s PromiseWeb Novel20165293/?
225Way of the DevilWeb Novel20171546/?
226Womanizing MageWeb Novel20141366/?
227World Defying Dan GodWeb Novel20127637/?
228World of CultivationWeb Novel20101830/?
229Worlds’ Apocalypse OnlineWeb Novel20173510/?
230World’s Best Martial ArtistWeb Novel2018888/?
231Wu Dong Qian KunWeb Novel20112634/?
232Yama RisingWeb Novel20191263/1261
233Ze Tian JiWeb Novel20142368/?