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«The Big-Shot is Pampered after She Becomes the Villainness (Web Novel) - Chapter 464: Original Plot

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Chapter 464: Original Plot

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Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

The psychiatrist quickly rushed to Chief Zheng’s house and was shocked to see Zheng Xin tied to a chair with disheveled hair and a ferocious expression.

He had seen Zheng Xin a few times in the past. In his impression, this young lady was always smiling. Even if she had a little temper, it was not a big deal. It would only make people think that she was cute.

But now, the girl in front of him was a completely different person from the person in his impression. He immediately understood why Madam Zheng had called him over in a hurry.

He got everyone to leave first and gave Zheng Xin a psychological evaluation alone.

However, Zheng Xin was very uncooperative the entire time. Not only did she scold him, but she even insulted Chief Zheng, making him feel that something was wrong.

Miss Zheng was probably really sick.

Without her cooperation, it was impossible to carry out the psychological evaluation. The other party was his leader’s daughter. The psychiatrist tried his best but could not calm her down and get her to cooperate with him. He could only leave the cafeteria dejectedly.

Outside, Chief Zheng had actually been eavesdropping by the door, so he naturally took in Zheng Xin’s scolding. His face was as dark as the bottom of a pot.

When the psychiatrist came out, he simply pretended not to hear anything and sat on the sofa with a dark expression, waiting for the final evaluation results.

The expert sighed and walked over. Meeting Madam Zheng’s worried gaze, he shook his head helplessly. Just as he was about to say something, Shi Man, who had been sitting on the sofa calmly drinking tea, suddenly stood up and interrupted him.

“Don’t be in a hurry to tell us the results. Why don’t you let me go in and try first.” Shi Man put down her teacup confidently and looked at Chief Zheng, who no longer had any hope.

Everyone in the Zheng family was immediately attracted by her words, especially Madam Zheng. Hope seemed to have instantly lit up in her eyes, but she instantly extinguished it herself. She shook her head and said, “Forget it, Manman. Xinxin might really be sick.”

“It won’t hurt if 1 try, right?” Shi Man knew that the final decision was still in Chief Zheng’s hands, so she kept staring at him as she spoke, waiting for his approval.

Shen Xian thought of how her daughter had successfully stopped Zheng Xin with her chopsticks twice just now and couldn’t help but believe her. She also persuaded, “Let Manman try. The two children used to be good friends and are of the same age. It might be easier to communicate!”

Since Shen Xian had said so, Chief Zheng naturally wouldn’t stop her. He stood up after a moment of silence and patted her shoulder. “If you encounter danger, come out quickly. Don’t force yourself.”

“I know.” Shi Man got his approval and turned to walk into the cafeteria without hesitation.

The psychiatrist wanted to tell her more things to take note of, but when he met the director’s thoughtful gaze, he quickly swallowed his words.

From the looks of it, the director might already have another plan in mind.

The door of the cafeteria isolated the outside world. After Shi Man glanced at the mess on the ground, her gaze slowly landed on Zheng Xin. She casually took a chair and sat down. She smiled and said, “I know why you’re so confident.”

Zheng Xin sneered and turned her head away, clearly not planning to pay attention to her.

Shi Man did not mind and said to herself, “You think that you know many people’s secrets and that you have an omniscient view, so everyone around you is just an ant and a toy to you, right?”

Zheng Xin looked over with a cold gaze and mockery in her eyes. “What do you know! The fate of all of you is already in my hands. 1 know the outcome of each of you. If 1 want you to live, you can live. If 1 want you to die, you won’t have a good ending!”

Shi Man turned her head slightly and noticed that someone was still eavesdropping behind the door. After some consideration, she turned around and said, “Then you’re wrong.”

“Wrong? I can’t be wrong!” Zheng Xin laughed crazily. When she was done laughing, she flicked her hair and said, “If someone like you doesn’t cooperate with me, you should be trash in the gutter. By the way, I’ll tell you your ending out of kindness. You’ll be stepped on by the man you love the most. Everyone in the Shi family will die a horrible death!”

Outside the door, Shen Xian’s eyes widened in disbelief, and her breathing became chaotic in an instant. If not for Madam Zheng supporting her in time, she would probably not have been able to stand steadily.

Shi Man shrugged indifferently and said, “You might not know yet, but Yi Zheng has already decided to get engaged to me. It’s next Saturday. Your mother, Madam Zheng, even said that she wanted to give me a gift.”

“That’s impossible! Why would Yi Zheng agree to marry you!” Zheng Xin frowned in disbelief. She carefully recalled the plot in the book and said with certainty, “He will marry Su Tang in the future, but now that I’m here, he will rush to marry me!”

Outside, Chief Zheng felt embarrassed. Even Madam Zheng couldn’t help but blush. She hurriedly patted Shen Xian’s hand, indicating that she shouldn’t take it to heart…