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«Princess Medical Doctor (Web Novel) - Chapter 940: Cannon fodder, the first to be sacrificed

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Chapter 940: Cannon fodder, the first to be sacrificed

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Things in the field of power changed so rapidly. If one cannot laugh at the end, he can’t be called the winner. A temporary win or loss can’t decide anything.

There was nothing wrong with what the Third Prince did. He and the Eldest Prince were competitors. The Eldest Prince took away his work and slapped him in the face. Who else will he blame if not the Eldest Prince?

As everyone knows, no matter where people are, those who can do it were might not as good as those who can speak, and those who immerse themselves in doing things were might not as good as those who express themselves all the time. There was no doubt that the Eldest Prince was the one who could do well, but he couldn’t speak or express himself.

The Third Prince was indeed a failure. He was kidnapped by bandits and asked for rescue in a panic, but so what?

Once he was rescued, the Third Prince gave himself a great image of risking his own life and going deep into the enemy camp.

As to whether it was true or false?

Who can find out? It was the Third Prince’s secret plan to go deep into the enemy camp. He did not tell anyone about it. Even if people wanted to investigate, the Third Prince was not afraid. If people dared to say this, he must be prepared.

The Eldest Prince will suffer this loss!

Moreover, the timing of the Third Prince’s attack was just right. He waited until the day when the Eldest Prince entered the city and then asked his subordinates to impeach the Eldest Prince. The Eldest Prince did not even have a chance to prepare in advance and was announced to the palace by the emperor as soon as he returned to the capital.

When he arrived at the palace, the Eldest Prince figured out what was happening. He naturally wanted to explain it, but no matter how he explained it, he could not change the fact that the one hundred taels of gold was gone.

According to the Third Prince, there was nothing wrong with the Eldest Prince taking gold to redeem people, but as long as the Eldest Prince does not act so impulsively and does not take credit for his actions, his plan will succeed.

Not only did the Central Empire not have to spend the one hundred taels of gold, it could even catch all the bandits in one fell swoop, instead of letting the bandits run away with the gold like it was now, slapping the Central Empire in the face.

The decision to redeem people with gold was made by the Emperor, but no one would say anything wrong about the Emperor at this time. All the faults lay with the Eldest Prince.

There was nothing wrong with using gold to redeem someone, but it was wrong to act impulsively, ruin the Third Prince’s plan, and follow the generals to dissuade him.

The Eldest Prince was not good at debating, and he couldn’t argue at all for a while. Apart from insisting that he was just trying to save people and had no selfish motives and that he didn’t know the Third Prince’s plan, the eldest prince had no explanation at all.

The Emperor didn’t like the Eldest Prince, so he was even more disgusted when he saw him like this. He deeply felt that the Eldest Prince had embarrassed him.

Had it not been for the Eldest Prince’s impulsive behavior, he would not have been accused of being threatened by bandits and had to use gold as a ransom.

When he thought of these troublesome things, the Emperor became even more unhappy. He waved his hand and said: “I have made my own decision on this matter. You can go back to your house and think about your mistakes behind closed doors. You cannot leave the house without my order.”

The Eldest Prince was feeling extremely aggrieved. However, in this matter, whoever spoke first and spoke loudest would be the victor. The Eldest Prince had lost the opportunity and could do nothing but suffer a loss.

The Eldest Prince was ordered by the Emperor to think about his mistakes behind closed doors for dozens of days. The Emperor didn’t even ask. Ministers who were familiar with the Emperor’s thoughts would naturally not mention the Eldest Prince at this time, let alone two other people in the capital, the Prince and Princess of the East.

This matter was not confidential. Xiao Tianyao went out that night and inquired about the news. After Lin Chujiu heard this, her mouth opened wide in shock: “So, we are in trouble.”

The Eldest Prince was indeed a tough guy. He tried his best to save people, but in the end, he was blamed for everything.

Lin Chujiu thought that this was not the first time that the Eldest Prince had taken the blame. If not for this, the Eldest Prince’s reputation in the Central Empire would not be so bad.

“So be it.” It wasn’t that the Emperor didn’t summon them, nor was he deliberately trying to show off to them. It was just that the Eldest Prince didn’t have time to mention them, and the Emperor didn’t even know of their existence.

The ministers in the court did not know about this, and they observed for dozens of days without seeing the Emperor summoning them. They thought that the Emperor was deliberately trying to give them a cold shoulder, so no one dared to mention it in front of the Emperor.

This kind of thing was widespread. Many envoys from small countries who want to ask to see the Emperor of a big country need to go through all the details. Otherwise, even if they wait at the inn all their life, the emperor of the big country will not know who they are.

Yes, it was not that the Emperor didn’t want to see them, but that he didn’t know they existed, just like the Emperor of the Central Empire had forgotten Xiao Tianyao.

“Since he didn’t mean to be cold to us, there’s no need to worry. Let’s just do whatever we want. Anyway, the Eldest Prince will come out after a while.” The Eldest Prince was not an idiot. The Third Prince cheated him. If he didn’t fight back, then he was a coward.

Furthermore, even if the Eldest Prince cannot fight back, he cannot always shut himself up and think about his mistakes. When the Eldest Prince comes out, the Emperor will naturally know of their existence.

Putting aside their worries, Xiao Tianyao and Lin Chujiu completely calmed down and regarded the days at the inn as a vacation.

After this, they will not have the opportunity to live such a leisurely life, they should enjoy it now. Anyway, the people at the inn will not let them go out and will not treat them harshly.

However, this kind of life was broken within a few days.

The people in the Central Empire were not stupid. After observing for more than half a month, some people cleverly discovered that the Emperor did not make things difficult for the prince and princess from the East, but simply forgot about the existence of these two people.

As a result, fewer people paid attention to them, and people from the Eldest Prince’s lineage dared to take action.

The first person to come to the door was Hua Jinrong, the young master of the Hua family. He was not a member of the Eldest Prince, but he had joined forces with the Eldest Prince on the matter of Xiao Tianyao.

Hua Jinrong, Xiao Tianyao, and Lin Chujiu were old acquaintances. Due to the disappearance of the young master of the Hua family, the Hua family owed Lin Chujiu a favor. Although Hua Jinrong quickly returned the favor, but…

Returning the favor does not mean that the two parties can no longer interact. Some things cannot be settled by repaying the favor, at least that was what Hua Jinrong thinks.

Because Lin Chujiu saved their youngest brother, Hua Jinrong was willing to help Xiao Tianyao and Lin Chujiu within his ability.

When the eldest son of the Hua family came to visit, Xiao Tianyao and Lin Chujiu naturally had to come out to receive him in person. After the two parties exchanged greetings, Hua Jinrong said straight to the point: “I will ask someone to mention your matter tomorrow. You should be prepared then.”

The struggle between several princes of the Central Empire became increasingly fierce and chaotic. Xiao Tianyao and Lin Chujiu got involved with the Eldest Prince. If they didn’t want to die, it would be better to leave early.

In the Central Empire, those princes who want to take action will worry about the family background of others, but no one will worry about the family background of Xiao Tianyao and Lin Chujiu.

If something happens, these two people must be the first to be pushed out and sacrificed. Hua Jinrong asked them to leave early, definitely for their good, but…

Xiao Tianyao and Lin Chujiu refused!

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