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«Unparalleled After Ten Consecutive Draws (Web Novel) - Chapter 2162 Kill Dugu Kong, Dugu Bubai's Wrath, The Idea of Creating My Own Force

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Chapter 2162 Kill Dugu Kong, Dugu Bubai's Wrath, The Idea of Creating My Own Force

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The Heavenly Grandmaster, one of the Three Clarities from the Pan Gu Universe had an honorable status back in the Pan Gu Universe.

However, after he arrived in the Great Hongmeng Universe, he realized he was not powerful enough.

His senior, Li Jun, had ascended to the Grand Dao realm, yet he remained in the Mystic Seven Primordial Realm.

It made him anxious.

It was the reason why he entered the Great Dao Spirit World in search of an Opportunity of Fortune.

Unfortunately, before he could find anything useful, he ran into a tough opponent.

The Heavenly Grandmaster looked at the man in black with a grim look.

Dugu Kong of the Sword Universe ranked twenty-sixth on the Primordial Leaderboard.

He was Mystic Nine Primordial and had eyes on the Immortal Destruction Sword Formation.

“If you want the sword formation, you will have to take it by force,” the Heavenly Grandmaster said.

He pointed his sword hand sign up to control the four Immortal Destruction swords to surround him. Tens of thousands of sword qi surrounded him, granting him a powerful and boundless aura.

Dugu Kong was impressed. “It’s indeed a powerful sword formation.’

He came from the Sword Universe, a place where everything was closely related to swords.

Swordsmen were the majority in that universe, and cultivation techniques related to swords were the mainstream. There were also a lot of famed sword formations in that universe, but Dugu Kong had his eyes on the Immortal Destruction Sword Formation.

The formation had great potential for growth.

Even in the Sword Universe, only a handful of other formations could rival the Immortal Destruction Sword Formation.

It was the main reason why he wanted to take it for himself.

“Holy Spirit Sword Art, Ninth Sword!”

Dugu Kong performed a powerful slash, unleashing a boundless sword qi that shook the entire Immortal Destruction Sword Formation.

The Holy Spirit Sword Art was one of the supreme cultivation techniques of the Sword Universe, and it was considered powerful even in the Great Hongmeng Universe.

The cultivation could bring out the full potential of one’s Sword Dao.


The sword qi clashed with the sword formation.

The Heavenly Grandmaster was pushed back again.

The difference in strength between him and Dugu Kong was huge. Although he could keep up with Dugu Kong’s attacks using the Immortal Destruction Sword Formation, he was barely holding on.

“The Great Hongmeng Universe is indeed the start of the Infiniverse. Running into someone this powerful in a normal exploration is really unexpected,” the Heavenly Grandmaster lamented.

“I’ll give you one more chance. Hand over the sword formation prints!” Dugu Kong said coldly.

Then, a terrifying aura descended from the sky.

A figure emerged from the void with Immortal Sparks surrounding him.

It was like the Immortal King had descended.

The Heavenly Grandmaster’s eyes widened when he saw the person.

“Brother Chu!”

It was Chu Kuangren.

He came to have a look when he sensed the Heavenly Grandmaster’s aura.

“Heavenly Grandmaster, how are you?” Chu Kuangren smiled at the Heavenly Grandmaster.

“Brother Chu, you’re just in time!” The Heavenly Grandmaster breathed a sigh of relief upon seeing Chu Kuangren. He felt reassured that everything was going to be fine.

Dugu Kong looked at Chu Kuangren with a solemn gaze and furrowed brows.

“Your aura is unusual. Who are you?”

“Are you good with a sword?” Chu Kuangren asked when he saw Dugu Kong’s sword.

“So what if I am?”

“If you survive one slash from me, you can leave,” Chu Kuangren replied.

Then, he simply flicked his finger and shot a surge of sword qi at Dugu Kong.

It was just a simple flick, but Dugu Kong’s eyes widened in fear. It was because he sensed an unparalleled force crashing on him.

“Damn it! Holy Spirit Sword Art, Thirteenth Sword!”

Shocked, Dugu Kong slashed his sword forward.

When the sword and sword qi clashed, it released a heavy clank.

The sword broke, and the sword qi penetrated Dugu Kong’s body.

Everything went silent.

Dugu Kong’s body was cut into two, destroying both his body and his Dao.

The Heavenly Grandmaster gulped nervously at the scene. The enemy that he found difficult to deal with died in less than one strike from Chu Kuangren.

It was just a flick of his finger, and Dugu Kong was dead.

“My goodness. Brother Chu, what is your current cultivation level?” the Heavenly Grandmaster asked curiously.

“Mystic Nine Primordial.”

“Mystic Nine Primordial? Are you sure?” The Heavenly Grandmaster was confused.

He had seen Mystic Nine Primordials before, but he swore none of those he saw could shoot a sword qi as powerful as Chu Kuangren’s.

However, Chu Kuangren was still a Primordial. Was it a joke?

“Is this the Primordial energy of mastering three thousand Daos?”

The Heavenly Grandmaster’s eyes glimmered with realization.

Chu Kuangren nodded.

“You did it! You really did it!”

Mastering three thousand Daos was a bizarre thing to do.

The Heavenly Grandmaster never thought someone could achieve it.

The three thousand Daos explained why Chu Kuangren possessed such ridiculously powerful capabilities.

After that, Chu Kuangren teamed up with the Heavenly Grandmaster and continued exploring the Great Dao Spirit World.

They chatted about the past while continuing their search for the Great Dao Source.

On the other side, a man armed with a sword was also collecting the Great Dao Source in the void.

Suddenly, the man’s body shook, and a frosty killing intent exploded from him.

“Who? Who killed my brother?”

The man was Dugu Bubai, ranked seventh on the Primordial Leaderboard. Similar to Dugu Kong, he was from the Sword Universe as well.

Being Dugu Kong’s brother, the two of them shared a telepathic link.

The moment Dugu Kong died, Dugu Bubai sensed it.

He was infuriated, but he quickly calmed down. He triggered his sword’s core, trying to locate Dugu Kong with his senses.


Soon, Dugu Bubai arrived at Dugu Kong’s location. When he saw the body cut in half, his eyes turned red.

“Damn it!”

He carefully scanned the aura on the body.

“It’s sword qi. The one who killed Kong is a swordsman! I’ll remember this sword qi. I will find you and skin you alive!”

Dugu Bubai grunted coldly.

The sword qi in him erupted, wreaking havoc across the land as he expressed his grief for his brother.

Everything within tens of thousands of kilometers was ground to dust.

“Oh? Brother Chu, you want to create your own force?”

The Heavenly Grandmaster was surprised to learn Chu Kuangren’s thoughts.

“Yeah.” Chu Kuangren nodded.

“The Pan Gu Universe is rather weak and small in the Infiniverse. If we don’t team up, we might face more pressure and invasion in the future. That’s why I want to gather all the forces from our universe in the Great Hongmeng Universe. It’s so that we can adapt to future changes.”

He already had the idea a long time ago and had been working on it.

He only made it verbal when he reunited with the Heavenly Grandmaster.

The Heavenly Grandmaster was one of the Three Clarities, a respected figure among the ancient beings of the Pan Gu Universe.

If he could join Chu Kuangren’s force, it would automatically attract other Pan Gu Universe cultivators.

“Hm. Brother Chu, your idea is great. I’ll support it. I’ll tell my seniors when I get back, and we will visit you again.”

“Great. I will wait for you at the Feng Domain’s Myriad Arms City.”

“Myriad Arms City? The city known for its smithing?”

The Heavenly Grandmaster’s eyes glimmered with interest.

“Yes. If either of you want to forge any weapon, just let me know. I’ll make sure to satisfy your needs.”

“I thank you in advance. It’s time for me to upgrade the four Immortal Destruction Swords. I hope you won’t feel bad about us using your materials.”

“Not a problem.”

Chu Kuangren laughed.


He could just ask Ou Yenuo for the materials, and since they were not his own, why would he feel bad about it?