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«Epic Of Caterpillar (Web Novel) - Chapter 2048 Kireina Is Inevitable

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Chapter 2048 Kireina Is Inevitable

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"Kireina-sama…!" Agatheina looked into the skies, panicking.

Satan ended benefiting from all the Demons that were slain, their souls ended becoming his power, as he unleashed an incredible transformation that gave him the form of an almighty dragon only depicted on myths.

"Your Kireina-sama is gone." Satan smiled with his many heads, glaring at Agatheina. "Reduced to ashes… She was strong but got too cocky. She thought she could defeat me because of what she accomplished… She certainly left a big bite on my main body, but over time, it should regenerate back anyways- Huh?!"


Satan, Agatheina, and the other Demons that were still alive all glanced into the skies. The dark skies that the Outer God had been filling with Chaos, started swirling and then descending into a small spot in midair.

It was the spot where Kireina had been reduced to ashes… There was a large sphere of pure blackness there, floating in midair and then opening a single crimson eye, and then, a large jaw with sharp fangs.

"Who are you calling dead, you pathetic excuse of an Archdemon?" The sphere spoke, the dark skies, filled with miasma and chaos spread by the Outer God were absorbed into her body, reforming her, and boosting her regeneration!


"I-Impossible! I destroyed your soul into pieces!" Cried Satan. "Just… What… WHAT HAVE YOU BECOME?!" Satan was sure he had destroyed her utterly. Flesh, bones, internal organs, her soul, it was all cut to pieces and vaporized!

Yet Kireina's regeneration abilities were already on a completely abnormal and insane level, even as a Doppelganger…

Her soul pieces, tiny fragments, simply rearranged themselves back together, flesh, bones, and everything else regrew anew.

The moment she had evolved into Umbra, her body had already stopped being that of a mere Supreme Goddess or something.

She had ascended into a greater state of existence…

Kireina was pure Chaos and Cosmic Power, and such primordial energies could not be destroyed so easily.

Indeed, a lot was destroyed, but that was not near enough to completely delete her, not even this Doppelganger, only a part of her true body sharing her mind and soul!


Her body kept expanding into a gigantic mass of pure swirling chaos and cosmic energy, countless tentacles emerging out of her body, jaws, eyes, and an almighty aura.

"Kireina! What… huh? You're still alive!" Mammon was surprised.

The crimson ring that was Mammon also emerged back from her Inventory; she had put him there in the last moment to protect him.

"You almost killed me, yes…" Giggled Kireina. "But not quite… You should had put a little bit more power into that!"

"What bullsh*t are you spouting?!" Satan roared furiously, his four wings quickly flapping rapidly as he flew towards her at lightning speed. "Well! If you say so, then I'll make sure to delete you out of existence, you COCKROACH!"

"That time I spent on Grand Terra allowed me to attain power you guys should had never allowed me to obtain!" Laughed Kireina, her Divine Realm glowing brightly, her World Core was overflowing with Cosmic Energy. "As many transformations as you have, bastard, you simply cannot win. {Apocalypse}"


Right in front of his three draconic heads, Kireina's tentacles touched their foreheads, a primordial, almighty demonic and chaotic power surged from within, distorting space and time, an explosion of chaos imitating the destruction of an entire universe was unleashed!



Two of his heads were instantly disintegrated, incapable of regenerating back, and three of his arms were gone, alongside his wings, although that still didn't stop him from flying several meters way!

"Uurrrgghh…! W-What the fuck?!" Satan screamed. "Y-YOU DARE…! {Infernal Judgement}!" Satan quickly conjured a gigantic magic circle in front of his huge body, unleashing an inferno of pure destruction against Kireina!

"{Heaven's Gate Judgement}" Kireina, however, answered with the complete opposite.

A huge gate made of pure celestial light emerged in front of her, a being made of darkness and chaos was wielding the divine celestial light of Angelic beings like nothing!

"Impossible…! Celestial Magic?!"


Both almighty magic spells clashed against one another, generating a huge shockwave. Infernal and Celestial Powers cancelled one another, the explosion was much smaller, but it quickly shook the skies, cleaning them from the dark clouds.

"I am someone that can wield all elements, Satan." Kireina smiled with her many jaws. "Don't be so foolish to think I am locked to a certain attribute! {Chaotic Lightning Strike}!"

The skies once more darkened in a split of a second as Kireina summoned an endless storm of black colored, chaotic thunder, clashing over Satan constantly!


"URGH…!" Satan groaned. "As if that were to even INTIMIDATE ME!!!"

He rushed towards her; with all the wounds he had already attained. His body shapeshifted, turning into a gigantic multi-headed hydra! "{Demonic Primordial Beasts Transformation: God-Devouring Hydra}! SHAAAAHHH!!!"

The dozens of Hydra heads bite Kireina's many tentacles, infecting them with a deadly venom capable of melting the strongest metals and mountains in seconds!


However, that wasn't all, the venom quickly exploded as it was injected inside of Kireina, blowing away her many tentacles, one after another!


"You're now going for poison, Satan?"

Yet Kireina kept calm, without even trying to fly away to gain some room to breathe, he body quickly started spiraling around and constantly changing shape, suddenly turning into a humanoid, metallic form.

"{Divine Chaotic Abyssal Demon Fragmented Body Fusion}!"

The Fragmented Parts of her Chaotic Abyssal Demon Form quickly came together! Kireina right now as not the same as in Grand Terra, she had acquired all her powers back, and this meant all those amazing abilities she had been missing!

Fusing it with her Umbra Form, and Mammon's Transformation created a titanic Demoness made of pure chaos, demonic energy, and cosmic power!

Her appearance was almost indescribable, yet a seductive and beautiful feminine figure, long and colorful red, silver, and black hair, over eight eyes and several faces, dozens of arms, hundreds of tails, tens of wings!

"W-Wha…?! What is… THIS?!"

Satan, the Archdemon of Wrath, someone feared over millions of years since his ascension into an Archdemon, the wielder of the Primordial Sin of Wrath across many Universes.

That Satan… felt utter despair and dread as he saw Kireina's true form! His mind could simply not make any sense of what he was seeing.

Even his true body back on Hell was a very simple, gigantic form…

Yet Kireina right now was defying all concepts, all thoughts he ever had about how a being could even look like, and how many appearances they could hold!

Or well, one of her many "true forms".

"What is this?" Kireina asked, her countless fists reaching his hydra heads and blowing them up one after another, explosions of chaos shattering space itself. "This is the child you bastards tried so hard to kill, UMBRA!"



Satan screamed in agony, the strongest form his vessel could ever attain was overwhelmed, each fist, each tail piercing his body, each beam of chaos and cosmic energy, and each explosion of flames consumed him, utterly destroying him and devouring him!

"T-This is impossible…! No…! I can't… Just lose…! THE OTHERS…! WE WILL COME BACK! WE WILL KILL YOU, KIREINAAAAAAA…!"

"I'll be happily waiting for you! After all, you're all my aperitives!" Kireina said. "I've already decided it, I'm going to just kill all of you."

Kireina laughed, her entire body shapeshifting into the gigantic jaws of an amorphous, formless entity, devouring whatever was left of Satan!