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«Reincarnation Of The Businesswoman At School (Web Novel) - Chapter 3212 Borrow Money

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Chapter 3212 Borrow Money

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Leng Xinyue looked at Leng Xiaoyao, her gaze filled with jealousy.

Before Leng Xiaoyao came home, they talked about Leng Xiaoyao, so she learned that Leng Xiaoyao's freckles had been removed.

She thought that Leng Xiaoyao wouldn't be pretty even if the freckles were removed, but unexpectedly Leng Xiaoyao had become stunning.

It was totally beyond her expectations that Leng Xiaoyao would be so beautiful now! Why did Leng Xiaoyao suddenly remove her freckles?

Leng Changyuan was displeased and said in a deep tone, “Yaoyao won't lose her principles. She's a good girl.”

“You don't stay with Leng Xiaoyao all day. How would you know whether she's lost her principles?” Leng Xinyue argued.

Leng Changyuan frowned. At that moment, Leng Xiaoyao spoke. “It has nothing to do with whether I'm a good girl.”

Leng Xiaoyao had a bad impression of Leng Xinyue, not because of her words, but because Leng Xinyue never got along with her. They had even fought many times!

Leng Xinyue won all the time. After all, she was an adult, while Leng Xiaoyao was only a teenager. She was obviously no match for Leng Xinyue.

“Hey, I'm your aunt. How could you talk to me like that? I said it because I care about you. Don't waste my kindness.” Leng Xinyue didn't like Leng Xiaoyao, so she was angry when Leng Xiaoyao argued with her.

“So what? You have no position to judge me.” Leng Xiaoyao coldly argued. “If I'm willing to accept you, you're my aunt. If not, you're a nobody.”

Given Leng Xiaoyao's bad relationship with Leng Xinyue, she wouldn't bother to care about Leng Xinyue's face.

“You…” Leng Xinyue was mad. She immediately turned to Leng Changyuan and questioned. “Uncle Changyuan, did you see her attitude? She has no manners!”

“Enough!” Leng Changyuan snapped at her. “Yaoyao is right. What kind of girl she is has nothing to do with you. If you say that she doesn't have manners, you're implying that I've failed to educate her well. I think you should mind your own business.”

Leng Xinyue was scared by Leng Changyuan's power.

After all, Leng Changyuan used to be a very important figure in the government, so ordinary people couldn't handle his pressure.

“Brother Changyuan, Xinyue was reminding you kindly. It's fine if you don't want to accept her kindness, but why are you are mad at her?” Leng Changming's wife said with dissatisfaction.

“She's kind to me? That's ridiculous. No one is an idiot. It can't be more obvious that she's being mean to me. Don't try to fool me,” Leng Xiaoyao retorted.

“You…” Leng Changming's wife was angry. However, before she said anything else, Leng Changming stopped her. “Alright, stop arguing.”

Since Leng Changyuan and Leng Xiaoyao already said that, they shouldn't continue to embarrass themselves.

After all, they came for help this time. If they offended the Leng family, they might not get what they wanted.

Because Leng Changming opened his mouth, his wife didn't dare to say anything else, and neither did Leng Xinyue.

Leng Changming beamed and said to Leng Changyuan, “Brother Changyuan, don't take their words seriously.”

Leng Changyuan said nothing because he knew exactly what kind of people they were. If they were really kind, he wouldn't be so angry.

Song Meiyu wanted to go against Leng Xiaoyao when Leng Xinyue came, but unfortunately Leng Xinyue quickly failed.

Leng Changming didn't feel embarrassed even though Leng Changyuan said nothing. He continued. “Um, Brother Changyuan, it's 9 pm now. When will Yecheng be home? Why don't you give him a call again?”

“Why are you so impatient? He said he'll be home at about 9 pm, so he will come home at about 9 pm. He might be a bit late. It's normal. If he isn't coming home, he'll call me,” Leng Changyuan said unhappily. Even though Leng Changming was his biological younger brother, he didn't welcome his family.

If they visited him because they were relatives, he would welcome them. However, they never visited him unless they needed something.

Leng Changming couldn't urge Leng Changyuan again.

Ten minutes past 9 pm, Leng Yecheng got back. Seeing Leng Changming's family, he politely greeted them, but showed no interest. In fact, he deliberately kept his distance from them.

Leng Yecheng disliked them because they came to ask them for money or help every time. However, they never returned the money.

This time, they came to borrow money again and they wanted a lot.

“Um, Yecheng, the thing is that your older cousin just got a girlfriend. They're about to get married, but his girlfriend's family wants a house without a loan. You know the housing prices are crazy nowadays. A 100 square-meters house costs about three million yuan. We only have savings of about one million yuan. We need at least two million yuan. Can you lend us the money? We'll pay you back once we have money,” Leng Changming said.

Even though the Leng family wasn't surprised by Leng Changming's purpose, they were still struck dumb for a second.

How dare he ask for two million yuan?

Although it was nothing for Leng Yecheng, he wouldn't lend the money to other people casually.

“Uncle Changming, if it's beyond your abilities, why do you still want to do that? Since the girl's family is making it difficult for you, you shouldn't satisfy their needs,” Leng Yecheng said. He didn't understand why they would do that.

“Because your older cousin loves her deeply,” Leng Changming sai? resignedly.

“Doesn't the girl love him?” Leng Yecheng asked. He honestly wondered why the girl wanted to marry his older cousin.

“My son is so outstanding. It's impossible that she doesn't love him. If she doesn't love him, she wouldn't marry him,” Leng Changming's wife said proudly. As a mother, she believed that her son was the best.

In addition, she didn't show any dissatisfaction when the girl's family wanted a house without a loan. She was doing her best to satisfy the girl's family.

“I understand that my older cousin loves the girl and is willing to borrow two million yuan to satisfy her need, but the girl doesn't care about my older cousin's abilities at all. She even wants him to borrow money. I don't think she really loves him,” Leng Yecheng said. He still seemed confused and disdained them.

Although he said that, he knew that it shouldn't be the girl's demand to buy a house without a loan. It must be their own idea. They simply wanted to use that excuse to borrow money!

It was true that the girl's family didn't ask them to buy a house without a loan.