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«Alchemy Emperor of the Divine Dao (Web Novel) - Chapter 2966 Ambition

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Chapter 2966 Ambition

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“Ambition?” Ling Duanyun murmured. He thought for a while. “I want to become an elite, protect the clan, and bring the Ling Clan to greater heights!”

Ling Han nodded with a smile, and said, “Then what kind of cultivation level can be considered an elite?”

Ling Duanyun pondered again.

In his heart, he naturally hoped to become a supreme elite like a Celestial King, but the problem was that with the decline of the Ling Clan, he was now merely at the Heavenly Body Tier, err, no, at Genesis Tier; how far was the gap that separated him from the Celestial King Tier?

Becoming a Celestial King was by no means an ambition, but rather a fantasy.

“Dividing Soul Tier!” he said after some thought.

Dividing Soul Tiers could already be called a powerful force in Peaceful Leaf City because the first-rate forces were merely of the Immortal Palace Tier, and there were just six clans.

Ling Han smiled. Ling Duanyun didn't boast that he would become a Celestial King or Ascending Origin Tier, which was quite practical of him.

Although Ling Han could easily create a Celestial King, this group could be regarded as top-notch elites no matter which dimension they would be based in, and their number was pitifully small.

A mere Severing Mundane Tier actually wanted to advance to become a Celestial King?

This wasn't called ambition, but rather not knowing one's own limitations.

“Being a Dividing Soul Tier at most can only make the Ling Clan be able to stand firm in the Profound Negative Realm. It won't be enough to dominate, let alone become well-known in the Profound Negative Realm,” Ling Han said. He paused, and then asked, “In your eyes, what cultivation level should a top-notch elite possess? Celestial King Tier?”

“En!” Ling Duanyun nodded vigorously. Which cultivator wouldn't want to become a Celestial King?

Celestial Kings had truly transcended, and were unafraid of the Immortal's Calamity. They were eternally young and indestructible!

Ling Han laughed. “If I told you that there is another cultivation level above the Celestial King Tier, called the Heavenly Venerable Tier, what would be your thoughts?”

“Heavenly Venerable Tier?” Ling Duanyun murmured, his mouth opened wide and his face full of disbelief.

For a long time, all he heard and knew were legends about Celestial Kings. This would be a cultivation level that people could only look up to; only one out of a hundred million, no, a trillion cultivators could become a Celestial King.

…This was worthy of the power of a Celestial King.

But Ling Han said that there was actually a cultivation level above the Celestial King Tier?

Was there an existence that could be more powerful than the Celestial Kings?

Ling Duanyun couldn't believe it, and couldn't accept it.

“What do you think is my cultivation level?” Ling Han asked.

“Celestial King Tier,” Ling Duanyun said decisively.

Ling Han smiled, and with a thought, a ribbon of iridescent light appeared on his body, but it suddenly became eight, then decreased to three, and then increased to nine, constantly changing, as if he was performing magic.

Ling Duanyun was dumbfounded.

Who wouldn't know that the number of ribbons of iridescent light of the Celestial King was impossible to change as this was a characteristic. The number of ribbons being shown would directly reflect the level of the Celestial King. The only thing that a Celestial King could do was to either show it or not.

What the hell was he seeing now?

The Empress couldn't help smiling, but Hu Niu laughed out loud, already clutching her belly with both hands.

Ling Han opened his mouth, and said, “I'm not a Celestial King, but a Heavenly Venerate.

“The Celestial King uses the Regulations to be on par with the heaven and earth, but the Heavenly Venerate surpasses the Regulations, and even the heavens must respect him!

“Do you want to be a Celestial King, or a Heavenly Venerate?”

Ling Han looked at Ling Duanyun. “If you want to become a Celestial King, I can give a helping hand to advance to this cultivation level, but if you want to become a Heavenly Venerate, you need to make sure your every step is solid, otherwise, if at any point your cultivation does not meet the mark, you will never be able to become a Heavenly Venerate.”

Just as Ling Duanyun had said just now, there could only be one Celestial King out of a trillion people, but there might not necessarily be a Heavenly Venerate among a trillion Celestial Kings.

Ling Duanyun couldn't help showing a look of leisurely fascination. Even the heavens would need to respect him—how powerful was this?

“Can I really become such an elite?” he asked, a little dazed.

He couldn't be blamed for his lack of self-confidence. For a clan of mere Severing Mundane Tier, becoming a Dividing Soul Tier was a distant dream, let alone a Heavenly Venerate that was another level higher than even Celestial King Tier.

Ling Han said, “I can't guarantee that you will become a Heavenly Venerate. What I can offer you is the road to becoming a supreme elite. If you are really capable, you can walk across to that level. If not, then being a Celestial King will be your final destination.”

Ling Duanyun hesitated for a while, but his eyes suddenly became firm. “Master, please accept this disciple's respect!”

He knelt down.

Ling Han calmly accepted his veneration. It was natural for him to accept a descendant's veneration as his ancestor, but taking him as a disciple? Hehe, did he want to mess up seniority?

“Get up, I will teach you how to cultivate, but there is no need to take you as my disciple.”

“Why?” Ling Duanyun was dumbfounded at this time.


Hu Niu slapped the brat on the back of the head. “Silly kid, this is your ancestor. If you are accepted as a disciple, won't the Ling Clan's seniority be messed up?!”

Only then did Ling Duanyun come to his senses. He couldn't help scratching the back of his head and chuckling.

“Let's get started.” With a sweep of his hand, Ling Han wiped out Ling Duanyun's cultivation level, turning him into an ordinary person.

“Start from the beginning and build the foundations with the Indestructible Heaven's Scroll.”

Ling Han gave Ling Duanyun a boost to speed up the flow of time. Under the flow rate of 2,000,000 times, the speed of Ling Duanyun's cultivation was naturally astonishing. In just one day, he had already returned to the Heavenly Body Tier.

To the outside world, it was just one single day, but to him, it was as long as over 5,000 years, which was longer than the time he had been cultivating since he had been born.

After finishing this “one day” training, Ling Duanyun's state completely changed.

There was a hint of vicissitudes in his eyes, but there was more firmness and confidence.

After rebuilding the foundation and cultivating the Indestructible Heaven's Scroll, his battle prowess would be so powerful that it was indescribable in a battle of the same level.

Ling Han didn't let Ling Duanyun continue cultivation. Speeding up the flow of time was actually not good. After all, it broke the standard Regulations of the heaven and earth. It would be alright if the time was shorter, but if the period was too long, the disadvantages would be infinitely magnified.

Therefore, Ling Duanyun continued to go to his martial academy.

Ling Han knew that this brat also had a lover, and was precisely at the stage when the relationship was extremely intimate. He was already missing her after not seeing her for one day, not to mention that more than five millennia had passed under the accelerated time flow.

If Ling Han was to let him cultivate for another 5,000 years, this brat would probably rebel.

Ling Han also had his own plans. He wanted to see how many people in the Ling Clan were worthy of being trained. He would never promote everyone just because they were his descendants, ignoring their character.

…Even if he had enough resources in his hands, he wouldn't do it.

Furthermore, he also wanted to know the situation of Ling Jianxue, Ling Xi, and others, and what had happened to them.

Of course, the most important thing was that Ling Han still needed to train in the mortal world so that his Dao Heart could be unhindered so he could appreciate the fourth fundamental particle and advance to the Fifth Tier.

As long as he had the battle prowess of the Seventh Tier, he could naturally run rampant in the world. With his support, the Ling Clan would never be eliminated.

Finally, Ling Han still had to look for other descendants as the Ling Clan in Peaceful Leaf City was just one branch.