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«The Divine Martial Stars (Web Novel) - Chapter 998 Cursing

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Chapter 998 Cursing

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The Purple Jade Dragon Ginseng was the most precious treasure of the Dragon King Mountain of the devil races. The stalks of the Ten-thousand-year-old Purple Jade Dragon Ginseng of the Dragon King Mountain were no more than ten. Each of them was a top-grade divine herb.

It was said that a stalk of Purple Jade Dragon Ginseng could make an expert step in the Way Sage Realm. If an expert above the Great Way Realm completely digested it, it would lay a solid foundation for the person’s cultivation. The person would have a chance to break through to be an Emperor-to-be.

The auction took out four at a time as if they had robbed the ancestral grave of Dragon King Mountain, the major force of the devil races. No one knew who got them. As soon as the female auctioneer in a swordsman’s uniform spoke, the audience burst into an uproar.

However, the price was not low.

Soon, bids came one after another.

The female auctioneer in a swordsman’s uniform had a strong talent. She could capture the highest bid among all the voices at once.

In the blink of an eye, the price of a stalk of Purple Jade Dragon Ginseng reached 9,000.

In the end, the four stalks of Purple Jade Dragon Ginseng were sold to different buyers at the prices of 9,000, 9,000, 10,000, and 15,000 fairy crystals, respectively.

Li Mu was also tempted just now, but he was shocked by the crazy bids. After thinking for a while, he didn’t take action. He decided to wait until he got the divine weapon, Heavenly Exclamation, first. The most important thing was to gather the souls and psyches of Wang Shiyu.

“The second auction item is a jade flute, which is said to be the favorite treasure of Great Emperor Void. On the bright moonlit night of the twenty-four bridges, where does the beautiful woman teach to play the flute? The poem was caved on this jade flute. It is said that if someone has a fate with the jade flute and gets it, the person can find the treasures left by Great Emperor Void. The Void Sutra is in these treasures. The starting price is 5,000, and each increase should be no less than 500.”

The voice of the female auctioneer in a swordsman’s uniform sounded ethereal and natural.

A beautiful female warrior in a swordsman’s uniform was holding a nine-apertured jade flute behind her.

Upon hearing that, Li Mu’s heart skipped a beat.

The Great Emperor Void was the founder of the current Celestial Court on Earth and also the sworn enemy of the Great Emperor Dragon Scorpion. Unexpectedly, he also left a legend in this world, Li Mu thought that he had always been in space on Earth. It turned out that he had been to the Battlefield of Chaos before.

Li Mu thought for a while and found it was not particularly surprising.

After all, the Great Emperor Void was known as a Void Walker who could travel through the void. He had an incomparable advantage in breaking the barriers and traveling. It was said that when the Great Emperor Void traveled in the universe, he saw the true colors of the Extraterritorial Demons. Therefore, he disobeyed the will of the Great Emperor Dragon Scorpion and joined forces with them.

How precious the treasures of the Great Emperor Void were!

However, there were not as many bidders as those who had bid for the stalks of Purple Jade Dragon Ginseng.

The reason was very simple. Everyone having been in Jianghu for a long time knew it.

These treasure maps, keys, and the clues of Epode of Emperors had appeared too many times. They might be fake. It all depended on luck. People had to understand the words of the female auctioneer. Among them, the fate was the most important. What did it mean? That was to say, if you had no fate with this jade flute, even if you bought it, it would be in vain. But fate couldn’t be bought by fairy crystals. Therefore, fate was the most decisive factor.

In the end, this jade flute was sold out for 7,000 fairy crystals.

Li Mu took a look and found that the final lucky person turned out to be an acquaintance — the middle-aged beautiful woman from the Holy Land of Delirious Voices. As expected, two beauties, Sister Jianing and Sister Shu Ying, were sitting next to her.

It seemed that they were not in a hurry to leave after regaining their freedom. They also participated in this auction.

In the next two hours, more than 20 extremely rare treasures were auctioned one after another, including the Emperor-to-be’s weapons, armguards in a set of imperial armor, a ginseng fruit, an elixir prescription that was said to be able to refine immortal elixirs, a piece of Fairy Tears Green Gold weighing about a thousand kilograms and others. Most of these treasures had owners before, but they incredibly appeared in this auction and became auction items.

The auction reached its climax.

Li Mu gradually became anxious.

More than 20 treasures had been sold out. Why hadn’t the divine weapon Heavenly Exclamation appeared yet?

In another VIP seat, the big leader, the second leader, and the third leader of the Not Missing Home House were sitting together, with several guards standing behind them. They hadn’t participated in the auction because their target had not appeared yet.

Suddenly, a guard rushed over and handed a scroll to the big leader.

The big leader was from the tiger race of the devil races. He was three meters tall and very strong. He opened the scroll and channeled his demonic power to take a look. Then he sneered and said, “I was almost tricked by this little bastard.”

“Big brother, have the results of the investigation come out?” The second leader and the third leader looked at him.

The bald big leader said, “Yes. This boy is not the direct disciple of the Sword Savant. The Sword Savant had three disciples, but they are now in other places. He almost succeeded in taking advantage of the Sword Savant’s power.”

“That’s great,” the second leader said excitedly. “Now, we don’t have to hold back from taking action. We can take revenge for the fourth brother without worry. Since he has offended our Not Missing Home House, he must die in the Constellation Demon Mountain.”

The big leader said, “Send someone to keep an eye on him. When the auction is over, take action.”

The third leader stood up and said, “Big brother, second brother, I’ll do it myself.”

On another VIP seat, the violet-robed young man’s eyes opened wide as he said, “Big brother, is that true? You’re good friends with the direct disciples of the Sword Savant, right?”

Another young man, who was also wearing a purple robe, looked dignified. He seemed to be a little mean and heartless because of his thin lips. He smiled faintly and said, “Among the three disciples of senior Sword Savant, except for the most mysterious Hidden Sword, I have seen the Lightning Sword and the Light Sword and have talked with them. I am sure that the Heavenly Sword is not one of them.”

The purple-robed young man said, “That’s great. Big brother, you have to avenge me.”

“Ha… It’s a piece of cake.”

“Aren’t you a disciple of the Sword Savant? Then why do you have Emperor-level swordsmanship? I’m getting more and more interested in you.”

Laughter came from the abyss of the underground city again.

“Big brother, should we make any arrangements?” A voice sounded, enunciating each word.

“No need. I want to wait and see. I have a hunch that this year’s auction for the stolen things will be very interesting. Dugu, how many years has it passed since your broadsword was unsheathed last time?”

“130 years.”

“I like the sound of your Sky Attack Broadsword being unsheathed, like the moan of Death. Dugu, I want you to kill a person.”


“The divine weapon, Heavenly Exclamation, is a famous weapon of the devil races. The reserve price is 10,000. Each increase should not be less than 1,000.”

Finally, as Li Mu waited anxiously, the female auctioneer in a swordsman’s uniform told him the content that he had been waiting for nearly four hours.

Two beautiful women came up with a weapon.

“Is this the divine weapon Heavenly Exclamation?”

Li Mu was quite surprised.

He had thought that it was a broadsword or a sword. But it turned out to be a stick. It was golden and dazzling, and there were dragon patterns on it. It looked majestic.

The female auctioneer did not introduce too much about the origin and power of the Heavenly Exclamation. The basic price was 10,000 fairy crystals, and each increase should be no less than 1,000. It was the highest basic price since the beginning of this auction. It also proved that the golden long stick was of great value.

However, Li Mu was keenly aware that the rusted sword, which had been tightly carried on his back, trembled slightly and gradually increased in frequency the moment the divine weapon, Heavenly Exclamation, appeared.


“The Sanctuary of the Way’s information is indeed correct.

“There must be Wang Shiyu’s souls in this golden stick.”

Li Mu’s heart, which had been in his throat for the past few days, finally settled down.




Soon, the sounds of bidding were heard.

Although it did not cause as much of a stir as some of the previous treasures, most of its bidders were real big shots in the VIP seats, so they did not hesitate to bid. In the blink of an eye, the price of the divine weapon Heavenly Exclamation had been raised to 30,000. Its price had doubled.

Li Mu was silent all the time and did not speak.

He suddenly turned to look at the Green Ox Taoist and said, “Is there any other secret in the Heavenly Exclamation? Although it is a famous weapon of the devil races, why are so many people bidding for it?”

Green Ox Taoist shook his head.

At this time, the price of the Golden Coiling Dragon Rod had reached 40,000.

The frequency of bidding finally slowed down.

Li Mu raised his hand and said, “50,000.”

The crowd burst into an uproar.

“He has directly raised the price by 10,000.

“He is too willful.

“Where did this rich man come from? Is he a lunatic?”

Suddenly, countless eyes were focused on him.

Many people recognized him at once. He was the famous Heavenly Sword in recent days. He was known as the direct disciple of the Sword Savant, also known as the No. 1 Sword Whiz, of the Brotherhood of Swords. Li Mu had once spent a lot of fairy crystals for 13 women, so he was also known as the Romantic Heavenly Sword.

“Has he finally made his move?

“But why did he bid for a stick?”

“It’s him.” The purple-robed young man finally noticed Li Mu and stood up with a whoosh. He gritted his teeth and said, “Brother, it’s that little bastard.”

The purple-robed young man, who was a little older, looked at Li Mu slightly and said with a faint smile, “Don’t worry. He won’t survive until tomorrow. When the auction is over, he will go to hell.”

“It’s him.” The middle-aged beautiful woman and two disciples of the Holy Land of Delirious Voices also saw Li Mu in the crowd, and their expressions were different.

“Hey, little bastard wants this divine weapon. Second brother, raise the price.” The bald big leader of the Not Missing Home House laughed like a poisonous snake.

The second leader said, “Ha… Okay! Big brother, what you said is exactly what I want.” He raised his hand and shouted, “55,000.”

Li Mu looked over and frowned.

He found that there were two strange faces in the seat of the other party, but their eyes were full of hostility when looking at him.

“They’re from the Not Missing Home House,” Green Ox Taoist said.

Li Mu suddenly understood.

This was the fat man’s family and friends.

Without any hesitation, he said directly, “60,000.”

The second leader was stunned, “65,000.”

Li Mu said, “70,000.”

The second leader was startled.

“How could the boy increase so much on the price for a time?

“Is this guy crazy? Is it a scheme?

“What if he suddenly stops bidding when the price reaches 75,000? Although the Heavenly Exclamation has a little secret, it is not worth 70,000 fairy crystals.”

He looked at the bald man beside him, stood up, and was about to say something.

Li Mu said directly, “80,000.”

“What the fuck?”

The second leader was dumbfounded.

“I haven’t continued to bid yet. Why are you raising the price? Even if you have many fairy crystals, you can’t waste so many, right? What should I do?”

He looked at his elder brother.

The big leader shook his head.

He also felt something strange.

How could he raise the price like this at the auction? Wasn’t he scheming?

The second leader sat down and didn’t raise the price anymore.

Li Mu sneered on the spot and said, “Why don’t continue? Why don’t you increase the price? Damn it! Since you have no money, why did you come here? You don’t even dare to raise the price. How dare you stay in the underground city of the Constellation Demon Mountain? Not Missing Home House? I think its name should be changed to the coward house in the future. Why are you looking at me? Hurry up and go back to find your mother. Idiot.”

He really didn’t leave any leeway when scolding people. Anyway, he had scolded them at will.