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«Esper Harem in the Apocalypse (Web Novel) - Chapter 585 Sacrifices For God

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Chapter 585 Sacrifices For God

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A while ago, a black-white van with a shade of gray stopped in front of a massive warehouse near the seaport. Following the van, two armed cars stopped near the truck, and a dozen armed men walked out.

They opened the van’s door and aimed their guns at the kids in the van, and said, “Get out now!”

The girls screamed in fear and got out of the car, but Jessica and Lilim didn’t.

“Hey, you! Get out, or I will shoot your skull!”

Jessica hugged Lilim with teary eyes and slowly got out of the car.

The men opened the warehouse door and ordered the kids to go inside. Five men entered the warehouse after the kids and closed the door from inside.

Then, one of the men rushed to the car and knocked on the window. A few seconds later, the window rolled down, but only a little.

“We have got them, boss!” he said.

“How many kids are there?” the boss asked.

“I wenty-three. Fifteen boys and eight girls.”

“Good, good.”

“Do you think God will be happy after this?” the man asked. “And for how long do we have to kidnap innocent people? I don’t like doing this. I also have a daughter who is around the same age as the kids inside.”

The man’s voice sounded full of guilt and regret.

“We can’t do anything. It’s the order of God. If we try to defy him, our families and we will be killed. If we don’t kidnap and sacrifice innocent blood for God, he will destroy our family and kids.

And each and every time, I would gladly sacrifice the lives of others to protect my family. Wouldn’t anyone do the same?” the boss asked calmly.

“I… don’t know. They are small kids who know nothing about the world. How do you expect me to go home and eat after killing them? I can’t sleep after seeing their dead bodies. I can’t even hold my own daughter with my blood-stained hands.”

“I feel the same, but we have to do what we have to do to survive.”

“How long will this continue?” the man asked in a broken voice. “We are the citizens of the underworld. We are the Mafias, but we are not heartless barbarians. The man who calls himself the God is not a God… he is a demon…”

“We all have seen what he can do. He took over the entire underworld by storm. Not only the underworld of this state or this country, but all the underworlds across the world are under his control.

Did you not see what he did to those who tried to oppose him? The strongest Syndicate— Lu Bela Syndicate, was wiped out by him in an instant. He is no ordinary human… he possesses the power… of a God.”

The boss eventually rolled down the entire window and took off his glasses. He looked at the man and continued, “And no one can possibly defeat a God. One might challenge him, but that would be nothing but a suicide attempt.”

“If he is so almighty, then why doesn’t he do everything himself? Why does he seek the blood of five thousand innocent humans every day? Why does he want to sacrifice? What’s his goal?

Boss, I am telling you… if we keep doing what he wants… he will take over the entire world. And once he is done using us, he will kill us too.”

The boss looked at the man and said, “When that happens, we will gladly accept our fate. Our sins will come back to eat us… whether it be this world or… hell itself…”

The man gritted his teeth and banged his hand on the car.

“Why have you become such a coward, boss?! You are the leader of the ‘Ross’ syndicate! You were once the most feared in the entire underworld! And now you have become so pathetic!

You were supposed to protect us, but what are you doing now?! You have become that so-called God’s dog! How can you even call yourself a—”

“Silence!” The boss calmly uttered. “Have you seen that so-called God?”

“Yes, I have!”

“Have you seen him face to face? Have you seen what he can do? Have you seen his true face? Believe me… you wouldn’t want to see it. It will haunt your scariest nightmares.”

The man looked at the gun in his hand and then at the other men guarding the warehouse.



“Screw it! If we are going to die anyway, I would rather die doing something good!”

The man pointed his gun at the boss, but the driver rolled up the window. He still pressed the trigger, but the window was bulletproof.

After hearing the firing noise, the other men came to look and were shocked to see one of their own men trying to shoot their boss.

They open-fired on the man, and the man fired back. While the other men were carefully aiming at the man so they didn’t shoot the car behind, the man was shooting carelessly, killing three men at once. He shot the remaining three in the limbs and forced them to drop their weapons.

Of course, the man was also shot in his stomach, chest, and legs, and he was bleeding out of control. He dropped to his knees as his gun slipped from his hand.

However, he still crawled and grabbed his gun, killing two more men who were also trying to grab their weapons. While the remaining one hid behind the van to take cover.

“If God is so heartless and wants to kill the innocents, I would rather pray to a demon and ask him to protect us…” the man uttered his last words before he threw the grenade under the van and blew it up.

He wanted to throw another grenade under the boss’ car, but he had already died.

After a few seconds of silence, the boss walked out of the car and looked at the dead bodies of his man.

“Oh… God…”

A few seconds later, gunshots were heard from inside the warehouse.

Meanwhile, Rudy was in the mountains with Rebecca, where he found out that his powers were leaking out of his body.